About Me

Scott Wilson, Photographer. Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain.
My name is Scott Wilson, and I’m a photographer originally from Southern California, now living in Florence, Italy. I’ve been published by the Associated Press in newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, USA Today and I’ve been published by magazines such as Dirt Rider and ATV Rider. I’ve been working as a travel photographer in Europe since 2012, and I’m currently working for an American travel company. I’ve been hired to shoot various cities including Athens, Budapest, Istanbul, New York, Los Angeles, Long Beach, London, Paris, Lisbon, Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Prague, Cesky Krumlov, and Brussels.

I started as a photo-retoucher in 2003, which helped accelerate my career as a photographer working for various companies such as Nissan, Eagle Creek, KTM, Elson Alexandre Photography, Context Travel, RRCPA, CP-Carillo, Performance Machine and JJ Valve. My professional career began with product photography, where I learned how to effectively control light, pay attention to details, and work with various materials in studio, and in ambient-light settings. From there I transitioned into surrealistic portraiture, and ended up traveling around the US shooting heirloom portraiture and action sports before moving to Italy.

Outside of photography I’m a technophile, passionate cook, and hobbyist musician that loves traveling, running, mountain biking, seeing live music, and ignoring people while playing with their pets.